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MSI Goes Military with N260GTX Lightning
The military-class N260GTX Lightning graphics card from MSIMSI has just added some military class to NVIDIA’s graphics cards; we are talking about the new N260GTX Lightning just unveiled by the company. The graphics card is not just ready for overclocking but has also been propped up with some heavy hardware.
MSI has released the new card in two editions – Black and Regular. While the Black Edition comes with a touch-sensitive “AirForce” panel, the Regular version comes without it. The panel allows the bundled software application to boost both card frequency and voltages via USB, making overclocking so much simpler.
The N260GTX Lightning is clocked at 680MHz with a 1,458MHz shader and 2,100MHz memory in addition to a double-sized 1,792MB frame-buffer. It is also the first card ever to feature a customised dual-fan cooler with 10-phase PWM – eight for the GPU and two for memory. Voltage-points have also been provided to allow voltage tracking when the card is being overclocked.
With so much heavy-duty hardware thrown in, the card is expected to be priced on the higher side of £200.
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