MSI Announces Tablet PC Launch in Second Half of 2010 Page: 1

MSI today announced its plans to launch a new NVIDIA Tegra-based tablet PC in the second half of the year. Made by company sales director Sambora Chen, the announcement comes in the wake of Apple’s release of its much awaited iPad. This will make MSI the second big manufacturer after Apple to come out with a tablet system in 2010.

Apple’s release of its iPad couple of days back has received mixed reviews. While many have been impressed by its interface and ease of use, there are also some murmurs about its shortcomings. Now MSI is gearing up to take on the Mac maker by launching its own tablet in the same price range – the device is expected to retail at US$500.

Revealing the features, Chen said that the tablet PC will have a 10in colour touchscreen. It will also have wireless support and all other functions of a regular notebook. It will be powered by NVIDIA’s second generation Tegra SoC and will most probably carry a 1GHz dual-core CPU with a HD-ready NVIDIA GPU.

The tablet will be ultra-light and super-slim to allow for extreme mobility. Chen added that the tablet will have flexible specifications so that it can be launched with multiple models on the basis of market demand.