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Mozilla Fixes Firefox Flaw with Version 3.5.1
Following the major security flaw discovered in Firefox 3.5, Mozilla has been forced to release an all new final version of the browser within one month of the original release. Firefox 3.5.1 reportedly fixes a range of bugs carried by its immediate predecessor.
Firefox 3.5 was released with much fanfare just about a month ago, with Mozilla hyping it as the fastest and safest browser yet. Downloads and installations zoomed, only to be cut short by Mozilla’s official announcement early this week that the browser carried a critical JavaScript vulnerability. According to the developer, this flaw is big enough to leave the user system exposed and make it easy for attackers to execute malicious code.
Working quickly, Mozilla has worked out a fix for the vulnerability; an additional 22 bugs including seven critical ones have also been taken care of. The updated version of the browser was released yesterday in the form of Firefox 3.5.1. Mozilla is now urging existing Firefox users to quickly upgrade to this latest version; those who have already installed Firefox 3.5 will be automatically upgraded within 48 hours. Users also have the option to get the update process going by clicking on “Check for Updates” in the Firefox Help menu.
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