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Did you enjoy Valve's first DLC pack for Left 4 Dead 2, The Passing?  Curious as to how the survivor lost their life?  Well soon you'll be able to find out.  Near the end of Gametrailers TV episode 101, writer Chet Faliszek showed up to give some details on a new DLC pack titled The Sacrifice.

Intended to be a sort of prequel to The Passing, this upcoming three-mission campaign details the events the led to Bill's unfortunate demise.  As a little teasing bonus, Valve will be releasing a 150+ page comic in four parts throughout September depicting the writers' idealized version of the story.

Another little added extra comes in the form of a choice at the end of the actual campaign.  Rather than forcing players to wave goodbye to everyone's favorite zombie-killing old fart, players will actually be able to choose who falls in the end.  That's right.  You can silence Zoe's constant annoying quips forever is you wish.

And there's still more.  Not only will the first game's No Mercy campaign be brought to Left 4 Dead 2, Mac users will finally be able to be able to get in on the action with the addition of OSX support.  Chet also made a point to mention that this is not the end for L4D DLC, even hinting at the possibility of more survivors coming eventually.

The Sacrifice is expected to release on October 5th.  Much like the first pack, computer users will be able to download the content for free while Xbox 360 players will need to shell out 560 Microsoft Points.

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