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Microsoft To Offer Window 7 Upgrade Program

As Windows 7 gets closer to its true release, Microsoft is working on how to expedite the transition towards the new operating system.  Much like when Vista was first released, Microsoft is planning to offer a Windows 7 Upgrade Program.  Those consumers that buy an OEM system with certain versions of Vista pre-installed after a certain date, currently set at July 1st, will be eligible to upgrade to the corresponding version of Windows 7 once it is officially released.  Currently, the only upgrade paths planned to be available are:

1. Windows Vista® Home Premium -> Windows® 7 Home Premium
2. Windows Vista® Business -> Windows® 7 Professional
3. Windows Vista® Ultimate -> Windows® 7 Ultimate

This program is optional, so be careful, as some OEMs may choose not to support the program.

According to a release schedule published by TechARP, Microsoft is hoping to put out the Release Candidate (RC) build this coming April, with the Release to Manufacturing (RTM) build going out to OEMs before the year is out.

Will a move to Windows 7 be on your list of upgrades when the time comes?

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