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Microsoft release Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool
With all the buzz surrounding what is arguably Microsoft’s biggest ever product launch, it’s not surprising to see that they’ve chosen to offer alternatives to buying a boxed retail hard copy. With this release of Windows, you can now download your installation media straight from Microsoft’s site. This is good for the planet, and for Microsoft, and to some extent the end user as well, as it saves on packaging and shipping costs. If you have a fast connection this could also be quicker than going out and buying a copy. At around 4GB, this is a fairly hefty download though.
If you do decide to download your copy of Windows 7 from the Microsoft Store, you will end up with a single .ISO file, an exact image of the install DVD. You could just fire up your favourite disk burning application and burn the image off to a DVD, but what if you’re installing on a netbook and don’t have an external DVD drive? This is where Microsoft’s little app really shines.
For a majority of users, installing Windows from a USB device seems like a daunting task, often involving multiple third party tools, not to mention the potential of violating Microsoft’s license agreement by using these tools. The official USB/DVD Download Tool takes all of the risk and hassle out of this process, simplifying it to just 4 steps, provided you have an empty 4GB or larger memory stick or other external drive handy.
One of the first thoughts I had about this was ‘wow, with an external HDD the already decent install times would be ridiculously quick’! I’m sure a lot of enthusiasts will share this view with me, as we typically reinstall Windows a lot more often than most computer users.
As the name would suggest, the USB/DVD Download tool can also create an installation DVD for you, if you so wish. I believe that the big feature of this tool is definitely the USB support though, and will certainly be trying it out with an external hard disk some time soon!
You can download the tool from Microsoft here.
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