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Mircosoft bring Office to the Iphone?
Even though Microsoft and Apple are enemies on the operating front this does not stop them from helping each other our in the other areas. It has been rumored that Microsoft have been taking good looks at the IPhone SDK and think it will be a good framework to bring Office and maybe some other Microsoft apps to the platform. Considering Microsoft is Macs largest developer outside of Apple, the idea doesn't seem far fetched.
Below is what Microsoft have to say on this subject:
 “We do have experience with that environment, and that gives us confidence to be able to do something,” Gibbons said. “The key question is, what is the value that we need to bring? We’re still getting comfortable with the SDK, right? It’s just come out. So we had a guess as to what feasibility would be like, now we’ll really get our head wrapped around that.”

Microsoft helping Apple along? Or another clever buisness strategy from MS? Discuss on our Forums.