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Linux Makes It Onto iPhone

A group from the Apple hacking "iPhone Dev Team", headed by PlanetBeing, has finally managed to get Linux to boot on Apple's versatile phone gadget.  While it is a very rough draft of the port and thus missing many drivers, it shows that it is possible to run the iPhone on another operating system.

What we have:
- Framebuffer driver
- Serial driver
- Serial over USB driver
- Interrupts, MMU, clock, etc.

What we have in openiboot (but hasn't been ported yet):
- Read-only support for the NAND

What we don't have (yet!)
- Write support for the NAND
- Wireless networking
- Touchscreen
- Sound
- Accelerometer
- Baseband support

More details can be found on PlanetBeing's blog here.

Do you want a fully functional Linux-based iPhone operating system?

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