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Lenovo To Break Netbook Mold With 12-Inch Offering

Recently, the trend has been for companies to put out 10-inch netbook models.  However, as Lenovo started out with such a model, it seems they have decided to follow Dell in breaking the mold by making their first Atom N280-based netbook, the IdeaPad S20, a 12-inch offering.  With this move, Lenovo is looking to avoid facing the market that is being flooded by 10-inch models.

Still, this is a bit of an odd decision.  Going with a 12-inch model moves farther away from the idea of a netbook and treads perhaps dangerously close to a "normal" compact laptop.  Not only that, but having a 12-inch screen puts the S20 out of Intel's specification of a netbook, forcing Lenovo to pay the full official announced price of the Atom N280 and thus pushing up the cost of the netbook itself.

The Lenovo IdeaPad S20 will pair the Atom N280 with Intel's GN40 chipset and utilize Windows XP as the operating system.  It is expected to retail for around $586.

Has Lenovo found the sweet spot in the netbook market, or is 12-inches pushing the boundaries too much?

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