Lenovo Introduces Four ThinkPads, a Tablet, and a ThinkServer Page: 1

Lenovo today launched multiple products in the market; these include four ThinkPad notebooks, a Tablet, and a ThinkServer. While the ThinkPad Notebooks and Tablets extend the existing notebook line, the ThinkServer add a new series to the range already available from Lenovo.

The new ThinkPads – W701 and W701ds are upgrades to the earlier W700 and W700ds notebooks. They offer a choice of processors between the Intel Core i7 920 Extreme and the i7-820 QM Quad Core. Both new notebooks are 17-inch variants and come with Windows XP Pro, Windows Vista or the latest Windows 7 operating systems. The W710ds is a dual screen notebook and has a slide-out 10.6 WXGA screen for additional viewing.

Both notebooks can accommodate up to 16GB of DDR3 RAM at 1333MHz. In storage options, Lenovo is giving users a choice of SSDs and HDDs. While the SSDs are in 80GB and 120GB capacities, the HDDs are available in 250GB or 320GB at 5400 rpm or 160GB, 320GB or 500GB at 7200 rpm. Other features include one USB 3.0 port and four USB 2.0 ports, DisplayPort, VGA and DVI out, and Ethernet.

The other two new notebooks are the X201 and X201s, with the first machine carrying an Intel Core i7-620M, Core i5-504M, or Core i5-520M CPUs. The X201s on the other hand boasts of a Core i7-640LM or a Core i7-620LM processor. For these machines, Lenovo is only offering Windows XP Pro and Window 7 as the OS options. The 12.1in machines can carry up to 8GB of RAM, while storage is in the form of a 500GB HDD or an 80 or 120GB SSD. Both X201 and X201s notebooks come with built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity and optional WiMax and external optical drives.

The third release of the day is the new ThinkServer TS200v. For processing power, the ThinkServer features any one of the Intel Core i5-670, 660, 650, or 540 processors. Memory is expandable through DDR3 RAM that can be installed in four expansion slots. It comes with a built-in DVD drive and space for two 3.5inch hard disks. The server also has one Ethernet port, and one x16 and x1 PCIe slots each. USB connectivity is notably higher with 10 ports; two PCI slots and VGA out round up the specifications.

Last but not the least Lenovo has also introduced a convertible tablet version of the X201. Dubbed the X201Tablet, it comes with an Intel Core i7-640LM or 620LM processor, a 12.1in LED backlit screen, and a number of different SSD and HDD storage options. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are also part of the standard specifications.

In terms of pricing, the W701 and W701ds notebook prices start at $2,199 and $3,799 respectively, while the X201 and the X201s notebooks start at $1,199 and $1,599 respectively. The ThinkServer carries a starting price tag of $400 while the X201 Tablet comes at an initial price of $1,549. All devices have started shipping and are available with Lenovo retailers.

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