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Legal Action To Come Over Nvidia Rebranding?

Product rebranding is a fairly typical business practice.  Nvidia over the past year or so has been guilty of it several times now with their G92 GPU.  While consumers have not necessarily been very happy with it, up until it has been generally accepted as a fact of the business.  However, a more recent choice in the rebranding naming scheme from Nvidia could easily cause some serious problems.

The most recent reincarnation of the G92 on the desktop market is in the GTS240/250 cards.  As this uses the GTS scheme, which has been typically a lower level to the GTX, and lower numbers, it is fairly clear that it is simply a name update and not to be considered cards on the level of their top-line GTX200 cards.  However, when updating the mobile sector port, Nvidia has made a dangerous decision in marketing the GPUs as the GTX280M and GTX260M.

This action will no doubt be seen as a deliberate misrepresentation of the GPUs' capabilities due to the sharing of the name with the top-line desktop series.  Just in a quick specification comparison, there is a massive gap in transistor count, shader count, memory interface, etc between the G92 and the GT200 series.

Well-known tech blogger Theo Valich has said that he has had numerous IM conversations with insiders, analysts, and the like and things aren't looking too good, with him giving the following statement:

Sorry Nvidia, but according to conversations I had in the past 48 hours, it looks like Intel chipset license war won’t be the only court meeting. This branding exercise can lead to a class action lawsuit on behalf of consumers and worse of all, an official inquiry is possible in four states (that I know so far). Biggest damage would of course, be a stock downgrade from worried investors.

Could this obvious lapse in judgement open the door to a shower of heavy blows against Nvidia?

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