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Press Release
Sources at Intel have confirmed that Larrabee graphic is set to come with 45nm process. However, it won’t commercially ship this year, but rumours are circulating that there might be some prototypes in Q4 2008.
For anyone thinking Larrabee?? Here is a little background from Wiki:
Larrabee is the codename for a discrete graphics processing unit (GPU) chip that Intel is developing as a revolutionary successor to its current line of graphics accelerators. The video card containing Larrabee is expected to compete with the GeForce and Radeon lines of video cards from NVIDIA and AMD/ATI respectively. Intel plans to have engineering samples of Larrabee ready by the end of 2008, with public release in late 2009 or 2010.
Differences with current GPUs

Larrabee will differ from other GPUs currently on the market such as the GeForce 8 Series and the Radeon 2/3000 series in that it will use a derivative of the x86 instruction set for its shader cores instead of a custom graphics-oriented instruction set, and is thus expected to be more flexible. In addition to traditional 3D graphics for games, Larrabee is also being designed explicitly for general purpose GPU (GPGPU) or stream processing tasks: for example, to perform ray tracing or physics processing[2], in real time for games or perhaps offline as a component of a supercomputer.
They simply said that it is natural to make graphic transistors in 45nm process, and we know that Intel is ahead of TSMC and everyone else with its 45nm process.

Larrabee is a GPU, Physics and scientific calculation chip made of many small parallel parts with at least 16 chips (units) and we can guarantee that this will be fast in these operations.

It's still premature to proclaim the instant success of this chip, but it got everyone’s attention.
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