Kingston And Rambus Develop Faster DDR3 Page: 1
50% Faster DDR3
Rambus and Kingston have joined forces and developed a very interesting DDR3 memory prototype. The memory is multi-threaded and is optimized for multi-core computers. They say that due to the optimized circuitry makes them up to 50% faster than standard DDR3 DIMMs. Performance aside, they say that power consumption is also 20% less, as the memory circuits don't have to be activated as often as a regular memory module.
They say "Our innovative module threading technology employs parallelism to deliver the higher memory bandwidth needed for multi-core systems while reducing overall power consumption." There is no official word from either company yet as to whether this new memory will be compatible  with current DDR3 systems though, so we have to play the waiting game until more information is disclosed.
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