iPhone 3G Unlocked? Page: 1

Unlock the 3G iPhone to enable any network

iPhone UnlockerA company called Brando, based in Hong Kong, is retailing a device which claims to be able to unlock the new phone from the O2 network in the UK, so it can use a SIM from any other network. It's cheap as chips too, with a retail price of $20.50. They don't divulge too much information on how they have achieved this, but it is pretty easy to use. It's just a matter of slipping the device under your SIM and inserting both into the SIM tray on the phone. The device is also said to be compatible with a large list of other mobiles too.

The Brando sales page can be found here.

Brando have also been retailing another product which unlocks the original iPhone, so it would be interesting to hear if these products do actually work. If anyone tries these devices, let us know here in our forum.