Intel XMP Certification is worth the Trouble: Corsair Page: 1

Corsair’s complete product line-up of ultra-high-speed memory comes with Intel’s Extreme Memory Profile (XMP) certification. While it might seem a wasted effort considering that most high end overclockers do not use XMP profiles for overclocking, Corsair’s Vice President for Technical Marketing John Beekley believes otherwise.

Writing on the official Corsair blog, Beekley says that the certification is worth the trouble and more. In his opinion, Corsair’s goals are similar to those of the overclockers, but they are not exactly the same. While overclockers are interested in tweaking their systems to the highest possible level of stability, and getting a kick out of the fear of instability and competition, Corsair has an entirely different purpose in mind.

Corsair’s ultimate target, just like the overclockers, is of course to hit the highest speeds possible. For according to Beekley, repeating this feat time and again is just as important. They are committed to providing both performance and reliability to customers; so all parts manufactured by Corsair have to provide stable, long term operations at the specifications published. By getting XMP certification, he says, Corsair gives its customers a guarantee of this performance and reliability.

He uses the example of the company’s recently launched Dominator GTX1 DDR3 memory module to strengthen his point. In order for the module to get XMP certification from Intel, it has had to pass through two rounds of the most aggressive and rigorous testing; the first at Corsair’s own labs and the next one at Intel’s. Considering the blistering pace and high standards set by Intel when it comes to validating, Beekley believes their stamp on Corsair products is the ultimate confidence building factor.

“The challenge this presents us with is that we need to be very rigorous, without overdoing it and withholding exciting high speed modules that we know our customers would want,” he concluded.

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