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Intel X38 Chipset Brings Extreme Memory and Extreme Tuning Utility

Intel's impending high end enthusiast chipset X38 is to deliver two new overclocking utilities, Extreme Memory and Extreme Tuning Utility.

Extreme Memory technology will function similar to Nvidia's SLI Memory allowing specially branded and certified memory modules to operate at higher performance levels when installed in a supporting motherboard, said the sources. Extreme Memory technology will only be available for DDR3 modules and will not support DDR2 memory, the sources added. In addition to X38 and P35 chipsets for desktops, the next-generation Intel 3-series notebook Centrino platform will also support Extreme Memory technology, noted the sources. Currently, Intel is cooperating with memory makers including Kingston Technology and OCZ Technology Group to deliver Extreme Memory certified modules, with engineering samples predicted to be delivered in mid to late September, added the sources.Intel's Extreme Tuning Utility technology will provide an interface to enable the changing of BIOS settings directly from within the operating system making it easier to tweak settings and overclock the system, the sources detailed. Intel's partners have the option to customize the interface of the software tool, according to the sources. Initially, the technology will only be implemented in the X38 chipset, the sources added.

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These additional utilities could be classed as gimmicky, the functionality is available in memset or Clockgen, or even carbon copies of SLi memory and nTune.

Some may enjoy 'in OS overclocking'

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