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Intel X38 and SLI reportedly not going to happen

For those of us eagerly awaiting Intel's X38 based motherboards for our next upgrade, they ceratainly appear to be shaping up as something really special. But, for those expecting to have full SLI support on this motherboard, you may be disappointed. Quite a few sites have been spruiking the fact that the X38 will officially support not only AMD Crossfire dual graphics but also Nvidia SLI technology. However, according to our source, the rumours are untrue.

During Computex back in June of this year, a couple motherboard companies slipped up and claimed that their X38 boards would support SLI. Technically and as far as the hardware goes, X38 does support SLI but it is not officially sanctioned at all by Nvidia.

The source article went on to further suggest that the likelyhood of Intel ever getting an SLI license were virtually nil, zero and buckleys.

...we asked the question to an Nvidia senior rep who is high up on the food chain and the answer was something along the lines of that Intel would never get a SLI license unless Intel gave them (NVIDIA) a free CPU bus license in return (loosely quoted). Of course, neither are likely to ever happen...

So it appears that if you want to run SLI on any X38 based motherboard it will be through the use of hacked SLI drivers, many of which are outdated and don't support the current GeForce 8xxx series. Although the source article suggests that some motherboard companies believe that end-users (famous overclockers) are close to easily modding Nvidia drivers to support SLI on any platform.

It will be interesting to see how this pans out...

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