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Intel Updates SSD Firmware
Intel has released a firmware update for its X25-M and X18-M solid state drives; the updates address an issue with the drive’s write speeds, which reportedly slow down over long-term use.
Intel’s SSDs have been embroiled in a controversy ever since tech site PC Perspective reported that the drive’s write speeds are not stable. In multiple tests, the site found that internal random write fragmentation slowed down the drive’s random write speed over time. While the drive should clear it up on the fly through internal fragmentation, PC Perspective found that this did not happen.
The SSD actually got into a situation of over-fragmentation and got stuck in a rut, with the result that average write speeds dropped to about 17.2MB/s. Intel initially denounced these results and claims and said that regular use of the drives did not create any such issues. But with its firmware release today, it reversed stand and confirmed the results.
According to the official press release, the update brings many continuous improvement optimisations for improving user experience with the SSDs. But in a separate statement in The Tech Report, Intel also stated that the update includes “a resolution for a performance issue first reported by the PC Perspective review website.” At the same time, Intel reiterated its earlier stand that typical PC users are at extremely low risk of experiencing this issue.
A retest by PC Perspective with the new firmware confirmed Intel’s update and came up with positive findings. The firmware stops the drive from freezing and keeps its write speeds at a consistent 80MB/s. In other words, the firmware update from Intel now empowers its SSDs to work at the write speeds quoted.
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