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Intel Moves P55 to B3 Stepping
Intel have announced that they will shortly be introducing an update to the stepping of it's P55 core-logic.
The list of updates included in the B3 Stepping released by Intel is :
- Processor and MRC/microcode updated to enable compatibility with future processor releases.
- New MM and S-Spec numbers will be released for the converted products
- Updated firmware and BIOS will be required with the conversion
- Intel recommend updating the storage driver from MSM 8.9 to RST 9.5
However, B3 stepping is identical in all specifications to the previous B2 stepping, including thermal. So those hoping for an increase in overclock potential will be sorely disappointed. Intel expects that commercial shipping will begin in early December, with customers receiving B2 and B3 stepping chipsets by 5 February 2010.
Intel are stressing that both the B2 and B3 steppings will support the Clarkdale processors, but that end users should, as always, check with their motherboard manufacturer before upgrading.
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