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Intel to release Core i7 930 replacing the 920
Ever since the first Core 2 Duos released back in 2006, Intel has pretty much had a stranglehold over the market, becoming the de facto choice of CPU manufacturer for anybody wanting the best performance and overclockability.
With their Core i7 release last year, Intel have definitely maintained their dominance over the high end market, leaving rivals AMD only able to complete on cost (to read more about this see our Intel vs. AMD article here, by Mul).
If you’re planning on building a high-end PC, the chances are you will be basing it on Intel’s LGA1366 platform, to take advantage of their X58 chipset and triple channel DDR3. Unfortunately, this is also one of the most expensive platforms. Along with having to buy 3 sticks of memory, the motherboards aren’t cheap and neither are the CPU’s. At around £210, the 2.66GHz i7 920 is the cheapest chip in the range and has found great popularity among enthusiasts.
It looks like Intel want to gradually build up their socket 1366 range, with the announcement of their new Core i7 930, set to be a replacement for the popular 920. Intel have decided on a slight clockspeed boost over the 920, up to 2.88GHz, which places this new chip right between the 920 and the £380 2.93GHz i7 940.
It’s currently unclear if the new 930 will be based on the mature 45nm process Intel use on the rest of the range, or their new 32nm process. If they build the 930 on 32nm, Intel could be onto a winner, with a faster cooler running alternative to the current chips, which put out a lot of heat by anybody’s standards.
Seeing as Intel want to replace the 920 with this new chip, we expect to see the 930 released at a similar price to the current £210 920. We don’t yet know if Intel are going to phase out the 920, but if they choose not to then it will surely see a decent price-drop. If you’re wanting to build a high-end Intel PC, we highly recommend you put it off until the first quarter of next year when the new chip will be available.
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