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Intel’s Postville SSDs Coming in August
Intel has reportedly been working on its biggest SSD till date and the drive is all set to be launched next month. According to a report by Canadian technology website RedFlagDeals, Postville SSDs have been built on a 34nm process and come with a terrific 320GB of storage capacity.
Intel’s current SSDs, the X18-M, X25-M and the X25-E have all been built on a 50nm process. While the M-series models come in 80GB and 160GB capacities respectively and carry 2bits per cell multi-level cell (MLC) technology, the E-series drive is a faster, SLC one with 32GB and 64GB capacities.
The smaller 34nm process would allow Intel to manufacture higher capacity SSDs that are also faster and cost much less. Rumours about Intel working on larger capacity SSDs have been floating around ever since its flash partner Micron announced its 34nm process based flash chips earlier this month.
According to the report by RedFlagDeals, Intel will be announcing its new 80GB, 160GB and 320GB models in the coming week, with drives aimed at both consumer and mobile PCs, and workstation and server segments. Intel will be providing the consumer and mobile PC models 32MB buffer and AES 128-bit encryption. Advanced NCQ features and Smart Support will allow better monitoring of drive life through improved drive statistics. The drives will also boast of 90MB/s sequential write speeds.
While the workstation and server models will have all of the above features, they are also likely to have a Power Safe write cache and even higher I/O speeds. Pricing for the 80GB drives is expected to be around the $275 mark, give or take a few dollars. This would make the new Postville SSDs cheaper than Intel’s existing ones. Other prices are expected to be revealed next week.
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