Intel Quietly Introduces 120GB SSD Page: 1

Intel has been a steady player in the SSD market for a while and is even considered a leader in some segments. The manufacturer has already announced plans of coming out with a next generation of solid state drives shortly. This does not mean the company cannot expand its current offerings; Intel has expanded its Postville X25-M series of drives with the addition of a new 120 GB SSD.

Part number SSDSA2MH120G2K5 is a member of Gen 2 of Intel’s Postville X25-M series and is based on the 34nm MLC NAND chip. The 2.5” drive carries a 3 Gbps SATA interface and supports TRIM command. For read and write speeds, it offers 250 MBps and 70 MBps specifications respectively.

While there is nothing extraordinary or noteworthy about the new launch (which might be the reason for the quiet release), it does add one more product to Intel’s kitty. Intel has priced the X25-M G2 120 GB SSD at €210, with no word on availability.

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The Intel X25-M G2 120 GB SSD