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Intel quad-core mobile chip coming
For many of you performance junkies a quad-core processor is now a pretty standard addition to many PC's. However, for those who prefer the portability of a notebook; mobile quad-core processors are about to become a reality. According to an Intel executive the mobile quad-core roll-out is to occur in August (rumoured to be as early as August 11), effectively rounding out a broad update to Intel's mobile computing platform.
Details on the mobile quad-core processors can be found here

...the quad-core mobile chip will have 800 million transistors and a 45-watt power envelope--10 watts higher than the 35-watt Intel mobile processors used today. "You'll see gaming machines and (mobile) workstations with more compute power than servers two years ago"

The quad-core X9300 chip will be part of the Intel Extreme series of mobile processors. HP's high-end Pavilion HDX gaming laptop line and Dell's Alienware unit both offer laptops with Intel Extreme mobile processors such as the X9000.

Last week, Intel announced the Intel Core 2 Extreme X9100, a dual-core mobile processor running at 3.06GHz.
Would you consider a quad-core processor in your notebook, or is it complete overkill?
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