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Prices of Intel 45nm desktop CPUs revealed

The Conroe (and Kentsfields) have taken the performance crown from AMD and are currently on a roll but these will not be battling AMD's upcoming Phenom processors as Intel is preparing the new 45nm-built Yorkfield and Wolfdale CPUs. The models ready to be rolled out in Q4 2007 and Q1 2008 have already been revealed but what was unknown was the sum Intel will want for its updated line-up. Now, with the exception of the lonely dual-core E8300, the rest of the 45nm pack is priced and can already start causing AMD an extended headache.

In short, the most expensive 45nm desktop part will of course be the quad-core Extreme QX9650, with an asking price of $999. The rest of the quads will be priced from $530 (Q9550) to just $266 for the Q9300 that will unfortunately have only 6MB of L2 cache.

The dual-core processors will start off from where the Q9300 ends and will have the 3.16GHz E8500 costing $266. The 45nm line-up ends with the E8200 that costs just $163. And the war continues. The full list of prices (in 1000-unit tray quantities) can be found just below

Intel Penryn pricing

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