Intel Makes Quad-Core Mobile Page: 1
Intel's Vice President of Mobile Platforms Mooly Eden demonstrated a quad-core mobile processor at IDF Taiwan today, proving its power by running Enemy Territory: Quake Wars flawlessly.

When upgrading to four cores on a mobile platform, there are two obvious concerns: battery life and heat.  The quad-core CPU has a 45W TDP, meaning some pretty hefty cooling will be required.  However, Intel has a solution: a new cooling system based on compressor technology (such as in air conditioning and refrigeration units).

The new compressors displayed were about 2cm in diameter with a 10cm length.  Three compressors are used in conjunction to create an up to 10°C decrease in system temperatures.

Another new cooling feature was the taking in of air through the keyboard rather than vents on the bottom and sides of the chassis, allowing more freedom for motherboard designers.

The quad-core mobile processor is expected to be out during the second half of 2008 with the new cooling technologies available within a year or two.

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