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Intel release unlocked processor
E6500K boxIntel seem to have finally realised it's not all about the high end, whilst they were pushing ahead with their six core monster, AMD have been taking over the low end of things. The Black Edition processors have been tremendously popular amongst the DIY market, as they have an unlocked multiplier and overclock well, whilst still being well price.
Intel have finally realised and have decided to respond with the Pentium E6500K. The unlocked multiplier CPU ships in a
blue and black box without any CPU cooler. The E6500K is the second model from Intel Pentium E6000 series, based on 45nm processing, and runs at 2.93GHz, with a 1066MHz FSB and 2MB of L2 cache, supporting virtualization technology.
As this is branded E6500K and not X6500 like previous unlocked multiplier dual core CPUs, this makes me think that this CPU wasn't planned and is purely a reaction to AMD's success.
Available now in China, bundled with a Biostar TP45E for $190 or on it's own for $84. Expected UK pricing is around £55.
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