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Intel Drops Prices Yet Again
Hey, remember that projected price cut from Intel? Well it's happened, and near the beginning of the possible range of time. This time four of Intel's more mid-range processors become even more affordable.
The fan-favorite quad core Q6600 has become even more attractive, finally dropping under the $200 and sitting at a rather tempting $193. However, considering the fact that it has been selling under the previous price of $224 for the past several months, we may see retail prices even lower.
The dual core E8500 gets the largest cut, dropping a massive 31% from $266 to $183. The chip's younger brother, the E8400, drops to a comfortable $163.
The lowest level and most recent Wolfdale also gets a minor price drop, going from $133 to a very modest $113.
With these constant price cuts to their mid-range processor lines, Intel is really putting the pressure on AMD. Not only are Intel's chips the more powerful options, they are swiftly becoming the cheaper ones as well.
Rejoicing at being able to get even more power for your money?
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