Intel Core i7's to get 'Turbo Mode' Page: 1

Nehalem goes Turbo

IDF News on Core i7At the Intel Developers Forum yesterday, Rajesh Kumar, an Intel fellow, gave the lowdown on the forthcoming i7 CPU's. The Core i7 will be quite different from the current Core 2 processors.

One new feature will be the 'Turbo mode'. This nifty little feature overclocks one or two of the cores when certain parameters are met. Basically, if only two of the cores are required Turbo Mode will be activated, which will disable the other two cores. When it does this, the two running cores are automatically overclocked. If only one core is used, the other three will be shut down and the remainder will be overclocked. This quite an exciting idea and we look forward to putting the new processors through their paces.

Another change is the introduction of the Intel QuickPath Interconnect, which does away with the Front Side Bus. Core i7's will also feature an integrated memory controller and OverSpeed Protection has been removed. With the early benchmarks that are filtering through, it looks as if the CPU market is again going to be staying a one horse race for some time to come.

You can view an Intel webcast regarding the Core i7's from the IDF here. It makes for very interesting viewing.

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