Intel Core i7 960 Appears Page: 1
Intel Core i7 960 - Socket 1366
Intel launched it's latest Core i7 CPU today, turning it's attention back to Socket 1366 and the X58 motherboards. The Core i7 960 comes clocked at 3.20GHz (24x multiplier), a slot which had previously been unoccupied since the 965 Extreme Edition was discontinued earlier in the year. The 960 has a maximum Turbo Boost speed of 3.43GHz and features the same four cores with HyperThreading technology, for eight logical cores.
Like it's siblings it is built on the 45nm process and has the same 130w TDP. It still carries the same QuickPath Interconnect with a speed of 4.8 GT/s, with each core having it's own dedicated 256 KB of L2 cache, and 8 MB of L3 cache shared between the four cores.
The 960 is set to replace the 950, being priced at just a few pounds more than the current £420, if at all. The launch of this model was kept very quiet however, are Intel preparing something bigger?
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