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Custom coolers for graphics cards are nothing new; almost every OEM partner to NVIDIA and AMD has its own custom cooler for the reference graphics cards put out by these companies. Custom card maker Inno3D is the latest to join this group... the manufacturer has come up with a triple-slot fansink designed specifically for NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 500 series cards.

NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 500 series, which includes the flagship GTX 580 and the GTX 570 cards, have raced to the top of the popularity charts since their release. An enthusiast’s delight, the only shortfall of these cards is perhaps the lack of heavy-duty cooling on the reference design. Inno3D has taken note of this shortfall to design its own solution - a triple-slot fansink.

Named iChill VC26, the new cooler is a cool looking apparatus with three PWM fans - two 80mm ones and a 90mm one. The smaller fans dot the centrally placed bigger one on the outside. As can be seen from the pics (courtesy: TC Magazine), the cooler is 260mm x 100m x 53 mm in size and has as many as 112 aluminum fins.

Five copper heatpipes and a copper base dissipate whatever heat is generated by the GPU quickly and efficiently. There is also a blue LED on top to light up the iChill logo. If the manufacturer’s claims are to be believed, the iChill VC26 is a wicked cooler that can keep the GPU cooler by as much as 30 degrees compare to the reference design. For enthusiasts, this directly translates into exceptional card stability and the availability of tons of overclocking space.

Inno3D has not been forthcoming on the availability or the pricing of the cooler though.

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