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As you may or may not know - IDNET are one of our main sponsors. They are kind enough to provide all of our hosting needs.

We really appreciate IDNET for doing this for us and we want to make sure that our members are aware of the excellent services they provide.

A lot of us have our home broadband with IDNET (including myself) and I can say that without doubt they are the single best ISP I have ever used

The quality of service is awesome with my pings to UK servers always being the lowest on the server. Download speeds are far in excess of anything I have ever had on any other ISP - especially since the launch of their


Of course we cannot talk about IDNET without mentioning their 1st Class Customer Service. With a response time tending to be measured in seconds for urgent problems with your broadband they really are second to none.

Overclock3D is proud of its standards and we believe in only recomending products of the highest quality. I would not hesitate to recommend IDNET to anyone who needs a broadband connection, Broadband Business solution, Webdesign Solution and pretty much any Web solution you are looking for from an ISP.

They offer:

* Web Development
* Broadband
* Mobis XTnd Content Management
* SecureMail
* Secure Hosting Solutions

Customer Feedback from actual users of IDNET on the Forum:

"I have just been connected everything seems great up to press as fast if not faster then plus net, to be honest idnet are a joy to deal with i wish all companies where still run like them."

"I had an initial problem with the hardware I bought for the connection. Rang IDNET's tech support line out-of-hours and left a message for them to ring me back. They rang me back in under 2minutes!"


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So if you're looking for an ISP the go check IDNET out. You will NOT regret it

Go check out IDNET Here

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