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HP’s dv2 Debuts in the UK

HP's first Yukon based notebook is now available in the UKHP was the first OEM to tie-up with AMD for the latter’s Yukon platform by launching the Pavilion dv2 notebook. Formally introduced at CES 2009, the dv2 is now available in the UK.

AMD’s Yukon is a low-power notebook platform design for thin and light notebooks. According to the manufacturer, the platform would allow light notebooks to give good performance at an affordable price. HP joined hands with AMD for Yukon and introduced the Pavilion dv2 notebook at the start of this year.

After a wait of about four months, the dv2 has finally made its debut in the UK market and is available in three models. All models feature the Athlon Neo 1.6GHz CPU, a 12.1in screen and weigh 1.7kg. The notebook can be purchased from HPs UK site for as little as £499. Delivery of course takes a minimum of two weeks. Though available on the company website, the notebook has not found its way on HP’s recommended retailer list yet.

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