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Author: PV5150
Source: Sharkoon

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Hard Drive "Floppy" for SATA HDDs

Sharkoon introduces a new model in its multipurpose drive enclosure line up, the Mobile X-Changer. The external/internal enclosure for 2.5" hard drives is now available for SATA drives. The Mobile X-Changer SATA comes in high quality aluminium and can be used either as a typical, mobile external hard drive enclosure or in combination with the included bay station as an internal drive. The enclosure fits in a 3.5" bay or can also be installed in the included 5.25" bay station which allows the enclosure to function like a floppy drive. The Mobile X-Changer is then inserted like a floppy disk in the front slot and recognized by the system as a drive. Removing the enclosure is as easy as pushing the ejection button. In comparison to the IDE version, the entire Mobile X-Changer SATA can be inserted into the docking station.

For external use with a PC or notebook, the Mobile X-Changer connects via USB or SATA. Internally the docking station connects directly to the motherboard over the SATA interface. Included in the package are an instruction manual, SATA cable, two USB cables (A / Mini-B and A / ISO), a set of screws and a carrying bag.

The Mobile X-Changer is available immediately and also offered without the docking station as a separate upgrade set, to use as an external hard drive or to use multiple hard drives with one docking station. The enclosure is compatible with the IDE and SATA versions.

Drive enclosure Mobile X-Changer for 2.5" SATA hard drives / For external or internal installation / Included: 3.5" hard drive enclosure and 5.25" bay station / External connection via USB or SATA / With included bay station: MSRP 29 euro / Also available separately: MSRP 15 euro

Hard drive floppy front

Hard drive floppy back

Hard drive floppy docking station

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