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GTX 260 Getting Upgraded
AMD really has pulled out a winner with the HD4000 series of GPUs. Nvidia is now scrabbling to make up lost ground. Some time in the middle of next month, Nvidia will be giving their GTX 260 GPU a bit of an upgrade.
The number of Texture Processing Clusters (TPCs) will be increased from 8 to 9, bumping up the number of shaders to 216 from 192 (for the GT200, 1 TPC = 24 shaders). The other specs (576/1242/999Mhz core/shader/memory clocks and 448-bit/896MB memory interface and bus size) will remain the same.
Considering the fact that the 55nm revision of the GT200 seems to have been delayed, perhaps this is a stop-gap measure.
Will this shader increase help put the GTX 260 on a higher step up over the HD4870?
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