GTX680 Waterblock Fitting Guide Page: 1

GTX680 Waterblock Fitting Guide  

Fitting a water block to your brand new graphics card can be quite a stressful time, the thought of dismantling your brand new GPU that works perfectly isnt what many would call fun. Over the years at OC3D we have become accustomed to stripping the latest and great graphics cards the Asus MARS, ARES and MARS II were all stripped just to show you guys the PCB that was beating beneath the heat sink. 

We are currently working on a review to test an XSPC RX360 - D5 water cooling kit and knowing we would need more than the heat of a 3930K to stress the radiator we have a GTX680 we are going to chuck in the loop too with an XSPC Razor waterblock.

We felt it would have been rude for us to have not shown you how easy it is to fit while considering we had to do it as part of the build process anyways, so here is a quick video showing you exactly how to do it:


The block as well as the whole kit we will be using are all available from the boys over at SpecialTech.

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