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Super OverClock Range
GPU Gauntlet SortingGigabyte are releasing a new line of GPUs. They will feature a number of new features that will make the cards more stable and also perform faster than others. The first new technology to make it's way into this line is called GPU Gauntlet Sorting. This involves "cherry picking" the best GPUs to ensure the highest performance from the cards.
Then the chips are tested to find the maximum overclock possible and then stress tested using an array of benchmarks fom Futuremark. This is to ensure that the cards can operate at high speeds without issues. Gigabyte will then go on to test GPUs switching power to make sure it can provide clean and consistent power as needed.
All of this combines with Ultra Durable VGA 5, similiar to the features seen in Gigabyte's motherboards, such as a 2oz Copper PCB, Tier 1 Samsung / Hynix Memory, Japanese solid capacitors and Ferrite core chokes, meaning the cards will not only perform but they will keep on performing for a long time.
The first card to carry the Super OverClock name will be a GeForce GTX260. This is set to arrive in September, although the exact clocks have not yet been announced.
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