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Gigabyte GTX760 4GB First Look


The GTX 700 series by Nvidia has been a real game changer at the higher end, with the 780 and 780ti both decimating benchmarks as far as single card solutions go. We also loved the GTX 770 as it looked great, and offered great performance for the price. Going down to the GTX 760, we thought it was great value for money. It performed nearly as well as the higher spec GTX 670 from the previous generation, and comparing launch prices, the GTX 760 was £120 cheaper than the 670!

Gigabyte have now launched their version of the GTX 760, with their custom PCB and amazing looking Windforce cooler. The combination of these should aid in maximizing overclocks, and getting performance as close as possible to the £100 more expensive GTX 770!


ChipsetGeForce GTX 760
Memory Clock6008 MHz
Process Technology28 nm
Memory Size4096 MB
Memory Bus256 bit
Core ClockBase / Boost clock?1085 / 1150 MHz
Card BusPCI-E 3.0
Memory TypeGDDR5
Digital max resolution4096 X 2160(via a single HDMI connector and not supported with two DVI connectors)
Analog max resolution2048 x 1536
I/ODual-link DVI-I*1 / DVI-D*1 / DisplayPort*1 / HDMI*1
Card sizeL=292mm W=129mm H=43mm
Power requirement500W(with two 8-pin external power connectors)


In our initial testing of the reference GTX 760, we thought it would really benefit from a great non-reference cooler like the Gigabyte Windforce. With the extra cooling potential, we’re really hoping that this allows overclocks to be pushed to the limits, whilst temperatures stay under acceptable levels. Obviously the silicone lottery will always play a big part when talking about maximum overclocks, but if you’re lucky on that front, then with the Windforce cooler, you could be seeing some stunning results for the price this is costing. Having said all this, the 1150Mhz overclock that the card comes with is massive to begin with, and so if you aren’t up to the challenge of overclocking, you’ve still got awesome performance out of the box.

In the past, Gigabyte has used a blue PCB in their systems, but now they’ve moved on to using black PCBs which we really love. This card will look great in any system and if using an older card, this will prove to be a great boost in performance, whilst being far more efficient.

The card shown in the video is the 4gb version, which retails at £239 which we think is a great price for a decent performing 4gb card. In tackling the higher resolutions, for example 2560x1440, or a triple screen set up, two of these cards in SLI would be a great budget option, to ensure that you have enough vRAM to cope with the higher resolutions, and 2 of the 760 GPUs should provide enough power to keep games well above playable limits. If you aren’t bothered about the extra vRAM of the 4gb card, then the normal 2gb version is available for around £210, which we think is amazing value for the performance you’re getting! You can discuss your thoughts in the OC3D Forums.