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G.Skill Introduces High-Speed Falcon Range SSDs
The new Falcon SSDs from G.Skills offer higher read and write speedsSSD drives are becoming faster by the day, with manufacturers releasing new drives almost every week. This time around, it is the turn of G.Skill; the company has launched its new Falcon range of SSDs.
Earlier SSDs used to be based on a JMicron controller that occasionally led to not-so-great performance. Then Intel introduced its super speedy X25-M drives late last year and changed SSDs forever. Other SSD manufacturers soon followed suit and added RAID to their drives to ramp up speed.
G.Skill’s new Falcon SSDs are based on a controller from Indilinx, which gives them faster read and write speeds. The 2.5in SATA drives will be available in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB capacities, all with a 64MB buffer. The 64GB drive is SLC-based and gives 230MB/s and 130MB/s read and write speeds respectively, while the larger capacity drives are MLC-based with read and write speeds of 230MB/s and 190MB/s respectively.
The company has not released any pricing details for the range.
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