Fujitsu Rolls-out Six proGREEN Series Systems Page: 1

Fujitsu today unveiled a complete new lineup of notebooks and desktops under its proGREEN series with two new ESPRIMO PCs, two LIFEBOOK notebooks, and two CELSIUS workstations. Among these, the manufacturer claims that its notebooks run for a staggering 18 hours on fully charged battery.

All devices under the new lineup come with pre-installed power management and carry Energy Star 5.0 certification. Some of the devices also feature Intel’s new power efficient Core i5 and Core i7 vPro processors.

Both the new PCs proudly carry the proGREEN banner of the technology giant; the ESPRIMO E9900 and P9900 also boast of an Intel Core i5 vPro processor and a PSU with up to 89-percent efficiency. Fujitsu has put in a halogen-free motherboard to ensure that the PCs keep up to their green devices’ labels.

The most interesting launch of the lineup is the company’s new LIFEBOOK E780 and S710 notebooks, which will sport 14in and 15.6in screens respectively. Both notebooks also carry Energy Star 5.0 certifications, and according to Fujitsu, are 25-percent more energy efficient that previous models of the series.

The increased energy efficiency has become possible through the use of a new AC adapter that runs at 87-percent efficiency. This allows the E780 notebook to keep running for an amazing 18 hours even with just two batteries.

The last release of the lot – the CELSIUS workstations include the W280 desktop and the H700 laptop. Both devices are based on Intel Core i7 processors, are Energy Star certified, and come with NVIDIA graphics. Just like the other models of the series, both workstations are also highly energy efficient.

While all six products are already available for purchase, the company has not been forthcoming on pricing or specifications of any of the devices.

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