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New Quantum Force motherboard includes multi-purpose cooling solution
Demonstrated to media and select customers at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, FOXCONN have been previewing the next motherboard in its Quantum Force product line – “BLACKOPS” will be based on a new enthusiast-class chipset from Intel® and features a number of innovations designed for enthusiasts and extreme overclockers.

The 4in1 Quantum Cooler is an all-copper NB-SB-VRM heatpipe solution with a difference; thanks to bundled accessories, the North Bridge (NB) section of the cooler can be quickly adapted for passive or active air cooling, water cooling or even extreme LN2 or dry ice cooling!
Last month FOXCONN revealed that the same motherboard would also include an 8-phase Digital PWM for power regulation – one reason for the recent 6GHz overclocking benchmarks with the Intel® QX9770 Core™2 Extreme processor. However, BLACKOPS innovations are not just limited to the hardware.

Speaking from CES 2008 in Las Vegas, Quantum Force Technical Consultant Peter Tan also revealed some of the unique functions to be found in the new Quantum BIOS – a more advanced version of the Gladiator BIOS found on last year’s MARS motherboard:

“We have opened up many more settings for end users to access compared with the Gladiator BIOS, but this new BIOS is not just about more settings. Quantum BIOS introduces a new way of organizing the information and options found in traditional BIOS menus, and we believe that we have created something more intuitive and user friendly. In addition, we’ve tried to explain what each setting does, and we have arranged them in logical groups where settings have an affect on each other”.
Foxconn Quantum Force
In related news, Foxconn has also shown off its "F1" motherboard based on an Intel P45 with Quad CrossFire X support at the popular electronics show.
Foxconn F1
Foxconn F1 Crossfire
According to the source:
This board is slightly longer than the traditional ATX boards. That is because it needs to accomodate 4 full 2 slot design graphics card. As it is based on the upcoming P45 chipset, the chipset officially supports Dual 16X for CrossFire. In order to achieve CrossFire X in Quad Fire mode, it uses the IDT Winchip to split the two PCIe x16 into four PCIe x 8. The north bridge is Intel P45 and is paired up with South bridge ICH 9.

Something unusual on this board is that it has two sets of 24 pin power connector, one is near the CPU, the other is near the memory slots.

The board also uses full copper heatpipe design, which most likely will enable enthusiast to pair it up with their own liquid cooling solution.
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