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Official Press Release

FOXCONN P35 chipset motherboards offer increased reliability and performance.

Foxconn today announced the first motherboards based on the new Intel® 3 Series chipsets for mainstream and performance market segments.

Utilizing the innovative Intel® P35 chipset, the new P35A-S and P35A motherboards promise better all-round system performance with support for FSB speeds of up to 1333MHz, built-in future proofing for forthcoming 45nm processors, and support for today’s latest generation processors - Core™2 Quad and Core™2 Duo.

Foxconn’s implementation of the Intel® 3 Series chipsets is based on three central themes which are critical to today’s mainstream and performance computing; reliability, usability and connectivity.

* Foxconn's Core3 Series motherboards offer unprecedented reliability and operating stability, thanks to a range of design features.
* 100% SOLID Capacitor design further improves component reliability.
* FoxOne™ technology provides a highly reliable, robust and intuitive interface for monitoring and tuning system performance.
* Enhanced connectivity; more connections, more possibilities.

The P35A-S and P35A will be available from 4th June in worldwide distribution channels. Pricing has yet to be confirmed.


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