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Foxconn Models Flaming Blade X58 Board

A month after announcing the slightly cutdown Blood RAGE GTI edition, Foxconn is working on making a Quantum Force X58-based motherboard that's even more affordable.  Dubbed the Flaming Blade, this new board has had a bit of recircuitry work, giving a more standard 6-phase power design for the CPU and 2-phase for the RAM.  The Flaming Blade also has a bit of a connector rejig, drops the available PCI-E slots down to two as well as removes the debug LED and the X-Fi Sonar card in favor of basic onboard audio.  Despite the fiery name, the color scheme is actually much more reserved, being primarily black with a few red highlights on the heatsink assembly.  The Flaming Blade looks like it may go out later this month with a much more reasonable price tag around $212.


How do you think this "budget version" stand up against the opposition?

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