Foremay Lines Up EC188 D-series PCIe SSD Drives Page: 1

Leading SSD OEM manufacturer Foremay yesterday announced the release of its full line of EC188D-series PCIe flash hard drives. The entire range is aimed at servers, workstations and desktops that carry x4 PCIe, x8 PCIe, and x16 PCIe slots.

SSDs have captured a sizeable portion of the storage devices market due to their impressive data transfer speeds and better stability than regular hard disk drives. However, their higher cost is a hindering factor in boosting their demand further. Moreover traditional SSDs are based on SATA interfaces, which limits their maximum read and write speeds to around 250MB/sec.

Against that, PCIe based SSDs can achieve top data transfer speeds of more than 1GB/sec. The interface also allows the SSDs to store much higher volumes of data. The new EC188 D-series of drives from Foremay range in read speeds from 400MB/sec to 1.6GB/sec, while offering write speeds ranging from 500MB/sec to 1.5GB/sec. In this sense, even their lowest speeds are better than the highest ones offered by SATA-based SSDs.

In terms of capacity too, the new drives from Foremay are better than their SATA counterparts. The EC188 D-series PCIe SSDs can be scaled up to a massive 4TB of storage space. In combination with the super quick data transfer rates, this helps remove storage problems in conditions of dense I/O, heavy traffic load, and high speed computing environments.

All drives in the new range are compatible with all major operating systems including Windows 7, Vista, XP, Windows 2000, Windows Server, Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, and Linux. The built-in PCIe RAID controller means the SSDs are also fully scalable. The manufacturer has released three main models in the range including Model W, Model V and Model U, off which, the last two models are new to the market. All models are available with both dual and single bus slots.

Foremay has already started shipping all EC188 D-series PCIe SSDs, though pricing is yet to be revealed.

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