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F@H for 43461
Help Cure Desease with Team 43461

Overclock3D are dedicated to the cause of [email protected] This is a huge project that simulates the "folding" of proteins on your PC. The results of these mico experiments then go towards the main project. Every little core helps the cause.

Why should I help?

If you've ever had a member of the family with Cancer, Alzheimer's, Mad Cow (BSE), CJD, ALS, Huntington's, or Parkinson's disease, you will know why you should help. The University of Stanford need all of the computing power they can get to really find out how these deseases are started and hopefully to find a cure. There been progress already (here)

How do I help??

You can hep by running a simple, easy to install program on your PC. This program takes up only the idle cycles of your PC, so if your doing something this is not affected in any way. Simple as that.

Download the program from here

There are several versions of the program. Check our forum installation guides below:

Installing [email protected] console for Multi-Core CPU's

Installing [email protected] Graphical Client (like a cool screensaver)

When you enter your user information after installing the program, be sure to enter Team Number 43461 - and fold for Overclock3D. It's a real team effort!

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