First Fermi Card Names Confirmed Page: 1

According to Expreview, who in turn have heard from a "reliable source," Nvidia have confirmed the names of the first Fermi-based desktop graphics cards.  Contrary to earlier reports, Nvidia will be skipping the GT300 series naming scheme for the moment, instead releasing the first two cards with the designations of GTX480 and GTX470.

The new cards are expected to go to market late next month.  Despite this looming release date, there's still no word on what type of clock frequencies we are likely to expect nor concrete pricing.  There's little doubt that it'll cost a pretty penny, though with the 40nm process yield issues supposedly resolved, perhaps pricing will be lower than previously expected.

It seems a bit odd that Nvidia is deciding to skip the GT300 series naming scheme when so many previous reports appeared to have it nailed down (with the first cards being the GTX380 and GTX360).  Perhaps they want to open things with a bang and make a statement, saying the Fermi architecture is two steps ahead of their current cards.