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Mozilla Firefox moves to 3.6b2
It has been a big week for Firefox. Firstly they celebrated their fifth birthday. As someone who uses Firefox himself it comes as quite a shock that I've been IE'less for this amount of time, but with an impressive 26% of the browser market, I'm clearly not alone in my love for this customisable browser around. Happy Birthday to Firefox.
However, on Tuesday the Californian based security company Cenzic announced that Firefox account for just under half of all the browser flaws, easily the most insecure browser they tested. I'm sure a lot of people, myself included, switched from IE to Firefox because of how secure it was, relative to IE. However it seems that Mozilla have become a victim of their own success and as their market share grows, so does their visibility and therefore the attractiveness to hackers and malicious software writers.
So on to Firefox 3.6b2. Mozilla report that over 190 major issues have now been addressed compared to the first beta that we discussed a few weeks ago. Most of the bugs are related to crashes, general responsiveness and broken features.
With a new version of the Gecko Rendering engine this should help ensure Firefox loads pages faster and generally has quicker performance. One of the things Mozilla have fixed is to improve the thumbnail preview available with Ctrl+Tab. For me Ctrl+Tab just switches between open tabs, so perhaps some of our readers could enlighten us as it if this has indeed been improved.
The main thing Firefox seems to be lagging behind now is in pure speed. Opera and Chrome have both made enormous strides forward in page load times, but the sheer customisation and add-ons available with Firefox means there is a browser for everyone.
Firefox 3.6b2 is available for download from here
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