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Official Press Release
TFC Xchanger - We proudly present the new Radiator Series
After a very long development time, many patterns productions and dozens of test runs, we have now developed a radiator, which is seeking his peers.

We only use the best materials for these radiators.
The fins and water channels consist of high-grade copper (e-Cu).
The water chambers consist of a brass alloy.
We have to ensure that the layer of the black finish remains very thin, thus the heat-air transfer is optimized to a maximum. The G1/4" thread for the inlet and outlet of the radiator offers the highest compatibility for a wide variety of fittings. The radiators can be installed horizontally or vertically. For a vertical mounting the air can escape entirely from the radiator by using the bleeder screw.

The radiators have a distinctive "TFC - Xchanger" Logo.
Each radiator after completion has been checked of impermeability and it's function.
Only then it gets the hologram label and comes with a serial number. Each radiator is a single piece. As a result, confusion or plagiarized almost impossible.

- Water Channels and Fins made out of ECu Copper Material
- Brass Water Chambers
- Black Finish (5µm)
- G1/4" Threads
- Mounting Screws for Case (4/8/12)
- Mounting Screws for Fan (4/8/12)
- Silicon Pads (1/2/3)
- Bleed Valve Screw
- Stamped TFC – Xchanger Logo
- ColorBox Packaging
- Warranty Card
- Serial Number with Holographic Sticker
- Sealed in VCI Bag - 5 Years Corrosion Protection
- 3 Years Warranty
- Compatible with all available Waterooling Systems
Feser Xchanger site
You can view the Feser Company Xchanger teaser site here
Big things are coming from Feser by the looks of it, but how will the Xchanger compare to the Thermochill Series?
Feel free to discuss in our forum.