Feature-packed ATI Catalyst 10.2 Released; 10.3 Previewed Page: 1

AMD today announced the release of its Catalyst 10.2 drivers and also previewed the Catalyst 10.3 drivers, which are slated for release next month. The new releases are part of AMD’s on-going strategy of releasing new drivers for ATI Catalyst every month. The new releases however, are different from recent ones as they boast of many new features.

The first change in the new version is in the handling of ATI CrossFire technology. Catalyst 10.2 separates CrossFire profiles from its 3D drivers and puts it into a separate file. This should provide improved CrossFire support for new gaming titles; the profiles will also be regularly updated through a separate update mode. AMD has also enable CrossFire support for its ATI Eyefinity configurations in Catalyst 10.2.

The new release also comes with a new dedicated multi-GPU driver that separates the code from the 3D driver. This should provide improved “Fusion” between IGPs and discrete GPUs in new releases. Those multi-GPU users who have so far been concerned about their power usage now have an “Ultra Low Power State” option that brings down the voltage and clock speeds of the second GPU when it is not being used. All of these changes can be experienced by users when they download Catalyst 10.2, which is now available from game.amd.com.

The hardware giant also gave a sneak look at the new features it will be adding to its ATI Catalyst 10.3 drivers. Scheduled for release in March, 10.3 will bring a monthly release schedule for the ATI Catalyst Mobility suite, and multiple improvements for ATI Eyefinity. Among the major improvements is a wizard for removing pixels that are locked behind display bezels. Other changes include colour, brightness, and contrast adjustment capabilities for each individual Eyefinity display; and display configuration switching that will provide easy switching from one display mode to another.

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