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Exceleram, the new player in the memory market from Germany does not seems to believe in causing small ripples - the manufacturer has stirred up the pond with the release of eight memory kits at a single shot. According to Exceleram, the kits have been designed to meet the needs of a wide range of customers.

Dubbed Blue Culvert and Red Culvert for the colour of their heat sinks respectively, the new memory kits are spread across frequencies, voltages, and capacities. Both series’ have kits in dual- and triple-channels.

The Blue Culvert modules include the EB3120A (1,600MHz, 2 x 2GB), the EB3117A (1,333MHz, 2 x GB), the EB3121A (1,600MHz, 3 x 2GB), and the EB3118A (1,333MHz, 3 x 2GB). In terms of latencies, the 1,333MHz modules are at 7-7-7-21 while the 1,600MHz kits are at 7-8-7-24. Power consumption for the low-speed modules is 1.50V and for the high-speed ones is 1.65V. The entire Blue Culvert series is aimed at the more cost conscious crowd and so priced in the value-range.

The other series - Red Culvert - is aimed at the more adventurous - the overclockers and enthusiasts. Consisting of two sets just like its Blue Culvert cousin, the Red Culvert series kits are all clocked at 1,600MHz. The main point of difference between these memory modules are the latencies. The 2 x 2GB EB3102A and the 3 x 2GB EB3103A kits have a latency of .6-8-7-24, while the 4GB EB3100A and the 6GB EB3104A kits have a latency of 6-9-8-24.

The official word from the company is that all eight memory kits will be available with retailers within days, but there has been no indication on the pricing for either series.

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Blue Culvert and Red Culvert Memory Kits from Exceleram