EVGA's Monster Board Revealed Page: 1

EVGA has had enthusiasts drooling ever since they dropped a snapshot of a pair of LGA1366 sockets on their Twitter page at the end of last year.  Captioned, "The Future," the post indicated more would be revealed at this year's CES convention.  Well now that time has come, and EnJoY of TechReaction got an exclusive first look at the board, the Classified 270-GT-W555.

General design features include a 3-phase power design for each bank of memory slots and all solid-state capacitors, chokes, and PCB.  The seven PCIe x16 slots are powered by a pair of NF200 chips for the possibility of quad SLI.  The board also sports a pair of SATA 6Gbps and USB 3.0 ports utilizing a Marvell controller.  To house all of this, the board is an extended, wider version of the XL-ATX form factor seen in the Classified X58 4x SLI board.

Perhaps the most intriguing feature of the board is its processor capabilities.  Unlike most other dual socket boards, the 270-GT-W555 is able to run its two processors at different multipliers.  In fact, the processors don't even have to be of the same model! 

This statement has led many enthusiasts to hope that the board could perhaps run on current desktop i7 processors (particularly the 920) rather than being constrained to the usual server-centric Xeon X5000 series.  However, due to the constraints seen in current dual socket setups/technologies, this is questionable at best.  Even the statement taken at face value has been met with some skepticism.

Now with all of these features and possible hardware, rigs running on this board will need some serious juice.  In a seemingly excessive fashion, the board sports not only a pair of the usual 8-pin motherboard connectors but also three 6-pin connectors and two 4-pin floppy connectors.  Thankfully, it seems that only the 8-pin connectors are needed for general use, with the others simply providing additional stability for extreme clocking situations.

EVGA hopes to bring this out around April (pending BIOS tweak time) with a price range of $450-550.  However, seeing as current Classified boards are already reaching into this range, it's a bit hard to imagine that this will really come to pass.